ČUJE LI ME IKO!(Does anybody hear me!)
Healing traumas of war through artistic practice. The case of art and artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
is a personal research on traumas of the last war of the 1990s and post-war situation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) through art and artistic practice as means for healing and instrumentation for understanding shared history and identity.

It is an ongoing digital archive of artists and art work that deal directly with the last Bosnian war and its collective trauma such as forced displacement, reinforcement of ethnical politics, genocide, rape as a war tool, post-war social and cultural status, geo-economical dynamics and its consequences.

The project arises out of my own experience with war as a child refugee that reflects in years long struggle with mental health issues such as eating disorder and anxiety. Channeling my traumas through art production seems to have positive effects on my well being. It is a tool that allows me to address these particular issues. Firstly on my own by using artistic expression in the purest way, in a way of letting emotions out. Secondly, by sharing the art work with others, it transforms individual trauma and fears around it, into a collective healing process. It opens up a path for inclusion and runs down the barriers of solitude.

My goal is, with the support of this archive, to better understand what role does art and art production play within the processes of understanding the history and its consequences. In which way can artists use elements of personal as well shared experiences to deal with trauma of war? What is the role of artists in elaborating such issues? To which extent does an artist carries, both personal and collective responsibility, of taking a political stand when addressing traumas of war? Or is it enough to initiate the conversation and let things take its own turn? And most importantly, does anybody hear us when we talk about it?