series of 10 photos
20×30 cm
Who am I and how do I identify myself?
The sentences are written in Slovenian dialect with which I grew up. It’s called ‘Primorščina’ referring to the region of Primorska, the west side of the country.
The language was always a sort of barrier as well as a ticket into my surroundings and community I was living in.
There is an exception though, one of the sentences is written in my mother tongue language Bosnian. No matter what I do I can not hide where I originally come from.


“I’m little”

“I’m a dancer in the dark”

“I’m a baby”

“I’m a farmer lady”

“I’m supposed to be a student”

“I’m without glasses”

“I’m a prisoner”

“I’m the boss”

“I’m kind”

“I’m from the city”