I’m a terrible monster
mixed media
The intervention in the home/studio of Via Malaga, Milano, radical intention project
photo documentation: Maria Pecchiolli
Radical intention was at the time inviting selected artists to do an intervention in the home and studio of the artist Maria pecchioli. Each invited artist had three days time to live and work in the private space as well put up an exhibition using the material found in the home/studio.
My intervention focused mainly on the books and other image material that dealt especially with human body and its mutilation through 3 main points: the every day living, travel and war zone.
I’ve created an alter ego character of a terrible monster which accompanied found material and created a story around it.
Text by Aria Spinelli
“Her works deal with an intimate journey to places that are in constant emotional change and that develop identity. Through the use of the video and photography, her research starts from the analysis of those areas of transition where the body regains childish simple and mundane gestures, while disputing and playing the game of life and negating it at the same time.”


idea / camera / voice: sanja lasic
camera / edit: Maria pecchiolli