Exhibited in Hallway Galery in Vienna, curated by Victoria Dejaco
Invited artists:
Johannes Gierlinger
Andrey Kachalian
Anna Khodorkovskaya
Daniel Partke
Claudia Sandoval Romero
Auto-portrait as an artistic form has always interested me in my creative process and I’ve used it in different ways in my video performances, photography but also drawings. Seeing my own reflection in an image has given me a sense of identity and a feeling of existing. Feeling invisible, due to different life experiences, has left me numb on occasions I should be much more aware of myself.

This particular project was an experiment of exactly that. The perception that I have of myself and the perception that others create around me.
I’ve directed a set of 2 photos, each made by a different artist. The first photo was directed by them and they had the freedom to set up the entire shot. Each of these artists created a whole new picture of me as a person and it is interesting to see how they dealt with it. In the second, I gave them specific instructions of how I want to stand, from where the light should come, how my hair should be styled, what I’m wearing. The only thing they could choose was the equipment and the camera they were photographing with.

I’ve chosen particularly these five artist based on the style of their own work and the equipment they use. I’ve ended up with a series created with analog as digital photography, mobile phone shooting, use of complicated digital equipment as well post-production photography.
Text by Victoria Dejaco
“Sanja’s work has evolved around her own persona in the last years. In various media like video, performance, painting and photography she has investigated and documented herself and various situations she lived or needed to resolve. Since I know Sanja, since a year or so, she has been analysing the difficulty of speaking, communicating, being heard and being understood, still maintaining her self-analytical method. In her work Sanja succeeds in becoming a projection screen for everybody’s difficulties, joys, anxieties and thoughts. In her subtle way of making herself the center of every work she manages to erase her ‘self’, opening up a vessel for the viewers own persona.” Text by Victoria Dejaco

Photo by Claudia Sandoval Romero

Photo by andrey Kachalian

Photo by anna Khodorkovskaya


photo by daniel partke

photo by Johannes Gierlinger