Guilty Pleasures
Group exhibition & Live performance
Presented in June at Low Off-space, Vienna
photo documentation by Low
Participating artists: Johannes Gierlinger / Klaus Györgyfalvay / Sanja Lasić / Marlene Maier / Michael
Simku / Eva Sommer / Friederike Steinert / Jan Zischka
‘Guilty Pleasures’ centers around an illuminated surface on which 10 mobile phones are presented. Visitors are invited to immerse in the lives of the protagonists connected to these devices, while questioning the identities constructed and optimized within digital spaces. 
Live performance by Sanja Lasić & Eva Sommer
Two characters stand in a room. They function as singular persona and at the same time as each others reflection. A dialogue between reality and fiction within the walls of everyday life.
LOW creates an environment that allows to experiment with artistic formats that address and reflect the conditions of contemporary media.