Analog Glitch

Analog Glitch Series
15 x 20 cm
Collage made with analog photos
Each piece is made out of only two photos, which is cut into 2mm thin lines and reassembled to create a new landscape and image. Each photo used, comes from my personal photo archive. I’ve been using an old Praktica LTL3 to photograph my surroundings. Since I’m not using the camera very often, I would always waste several shots in just remembering how to set up the camera properly. When I got my films back developed and in form of a photo, many of them had colour mistakes due to too long light exposure. I found these “incorrect” photos very intriguing and started to work with the failure and mistakes itself. The process reminds me to the one of painting. Finding the right colours and the right tones in order to create a composition.

(c) Sanja Lasic