Summer Glitch

Summer Glitch
50 x 70 cm
Collage made with analog photos
Summer Glitch is one of the first collages made on a larger scale using analog photos from my personal archive. There are approximately 18 photos that were chosen based on colour scale, cut in thin pieces and then rearranged into an abstract landscape. Each photo used in the work has a special and specific meaning, most of them dealing with negative memory of the time the photo was taken at and painful association with the person portrayed in the photos. In order to process these feelings I started to deconstruct the images as well my memory and recompose them into something I could deal with and accept the past experiences. The technique used in assembling thin lines is similar to the one used in tapestry and making of rugs. A lot of thought was put into the composition, the pieces are not randomly put together. My goal was to be able to detach from the work itself once it was finished. The end result is not static but rather in constant change and vibration, depending on viewers personal experience and emotional state of being.


(c) Sanja Lasic