Bosnian Girl #3

Bosnian Girl #3
50 x 70 cm
Mixed media – oil on canvas, pencil
Bosnian Girl #3 is a conceptual work dealing with issues of identity and representation. Under an unfinished self-portrait painted in oil, there are three blocks of phrases.
Each phrase was said to me directly, by different people I encountered throughout my life.
Each block represents one specific group of people/worlds:
(1) my native country Bosnia and Hercegovina
(2) all other countries I lived in, grew up in as well still live in
and (3) my family.
Each of these groups/worlds has a set of rules I’m supposed to be following in order to fit in and fulfil my obligations of a young BiH girl. The phrases have had a lot of power over me most of my life as they determined a variety of expectations imposed onto me. In the work I am dealing with what an image of a girl from Bosnia and Hercegovina should look like, how she should behave, how she should speak as well represent herself.

The title of the work references the original Bosnian Girl by Šejla Kamerić made in 2003 and Bosnian Girl #2 by Smirna Kulenović made in 2017.

(c) Sanja Lasic