glitch series

Analog Glitch Series
2015 – ongoing
analog photography, collage
various dimensions

Analog Glitch Series is an ongoing series of collages in which I am using analog photos. These photos are taken by me and are part of my personal photo archive.

The photos I use for my collages are primarily chosen based on the colour scale. Secondarily, I focus on the content of the photos itself, connecting them to the emotional value they have for me. For example, photos portraying an ex-lover or a family gathering or a walk in the nature. The subject in the photos is important to me because it connects me to a very specific memory. The project started as a way of dealing with a painful break up. Instead of throwing the photos into the trash in order to ease the hurtful feelings, I started to cut the photos into stripes varying from 2-5mm and rearranging them into an abstract composition.

In the digital world, glitch is a fault, a mistake which is generated by algorithms when processing an action. In my analog glitch series I have borrowed this term when confronting personal memory and painful feelings from my past. Unlike digital glitch I am aware of “the mistake” and I turn them into conscious process of both bad and good memories. I create a new image and a memory landscape that I can confront as well heal from. This way generating a new emotion out of it.

Sanja Lasić, Glitch series – SWIMMING POOL, 2015 // 15×20 cm

Sanja Lasić, Glitch series – PINK SHADOWS, 2015 // 15×20 cm

Sanja Lasić, Glitch series – THE MORNINGS, 2015 // 15×20 cm

Sanja Lasić, Glitch series – BURMA IN SUMMER OF 1962, 2015 // 15×20 cm

Sanja Lasić, Glitch series – THE LANDSCAPE, 2018 // 50X70 cm