Monday, October 18, 2021 // 19:00 hrs
Le Studio
– Film und Bühne c/o Studio Moliere
Liechtensteinstrasse 37, 1090 Wien

Free entry with free donation (min 9 euro)
2,5G (pcr – genesen – geimpft)

Raw Matters Evening (
with performances from:
Sanja Lasic, Stina Fors, Jeanne Lakits, Daniela Hanelová, Flora Boros & Adela Maharani

With Sevdah of lost Identity Sanja Lasic searches for ways to heal her experience of forced displacement and otherness through a modern interpretation of Sevdalinka song from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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26 march 2021
HUMANS – VideoRitratti della società contemporanea
Talking about my work 200 Fights within a new curatorial project by Giovanni Viceconte for Arttribune magazine. Read here.