artist statement

My artistic practice and research deals with topics of cultural identity, memory and trauma from a female point of view. I am a visual artist using my own personal stories and experiences, combining pieces of my family history with my migration and multicultural background.

I work predominantly with video, live performance and music which allows me to transmit, in a visually-sensorial experience, the pain and trauma I am exploring.
My work is of autobiographical nature as well a very direct response to my environment – day to day tasks and current socio-political structures.

Humor and self-irony are an important part of my work, they re ect struggles of cultural issues, identity, forced displacement, trauma, physical and emotional spaces, repeti- tion, memory, collective healing process, language/s and ways of communication. The strive for personal independence and sense of freedom pushes me to dig hard into these complex topics and confrontation with the past, especially events around the Bosnian war from the 90’s, its post-war politics and reasons that accumulated into the con ict in the rst place.

I am greatly inspired and invested in feminist/woman art movements from the Balkans, Western Europe and the USA. I am curious about the art production made by women artists, art works that deal with topic of the role of a woman within society and family structures and art works that use low art expressive tools: traditional and manual craft.

Sanja Lasić