artist statement

I am a multidisciplinary artist whose topics on identity, memory and trauma, elaborated from a female point of view, have been main focus in my artistic practice and research. My work is of autobiographical nature as well a very direct response to my environment – day to day tasks and current socio-political structures. Humor and self-irony are an important part of my work, they reflect struggles of cultural issues, identity, forced displacement, trauma, physical and emotional spaces, repetition, memory, collective healing process, language/s and ways of communication.

I work with format of video, performance, collage and music. I am inspired and invested in feminist/woman art movements from the Balkans, Western Europe and the USA. I am curious about the art production made by women artists, art works that deal with topic of the role of a woman within society and family structures and art works that uses low art expressive tools: traditional and manual craft.

Sanja Lasić
Vienna, April 2022